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We address the needs of robotic technology for neuro-motor rehabilitation and assistance to persons with motor impairments, offering a variety of solutions ranging from VR systems based on passive devices to VR systems based on powered exoskeletons.

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The need of robotic rehab in the world

200 millions patients today are in need of neuro rehab as a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and others. Those therapies are mostly provided in a traditional way with periodic sessions. Unfortunately physical therapy lacks of intensity and objective observation of patient progress resulting in only 10% of patients achieving full recovery of mobility.


ALEx RS is an innovative robotic exoskeleton with 5 degrees of freedom (4 active and 1 passive) for upper limb rehabilitation. ALEx is based on a innovative design that makes use of a new tendon actuated transmission to grant patients extreme wearability, low weight and high transparency during use. ALEx is a CE certified medical device of class IIa.

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ALEx RS by Wearable Robotics - Exoscheleton for rehabilitation


The Track-hold is a rehabilitation device for upper limb passive training with support of gravity in spatial movements. Motion tracking of the full arm movement is granted by embedded new position sensing technologies. Relief of weight by means of gravity compensation facilitates movement execution in patients with hemiparesis and can effectively used in upper limb rehabilitation.

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We help people regain their freedom of movement

Our focus is always on the people we support. This is why our products are born from them and grow around them.

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